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Korean Sool as Sweet as Valentine's Day Chocolate
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  • 작성일 2022-02-28
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Valentine’s Day has become a sweet anniversary in Korea when lovers and friends exchange chocolates. If you are looking for a creative gift, sweet traditional Korean sool may be an excellent choice to show your feelings.



We will present five selected brands, as sweet and lovely as Valentine’s Day itself!









Orto Rosso Apple Sparkling Rosé Wine (ABV 14.5%)




Orto Rosso is a sparkling wine with balanced flavors of apples and sanmeoru. Rosso has the color of red roses, and the romantic bottle will make a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift with sweet chocolate.







Jeongbunnada (ABV 16%)





Jeongbunnada is a deep-red colored bokbunja wine that will shine on any occasion, with its rich flavors and aroma.
Jeongbunnada means ‘to grow affectionate’ in Korean. The bottle’s pink packaging is as adorable as its name, making it a perfect Valentine’s gift for lovers.







Kraté White Wine (ABV 11.5%)






Kraté White Wine has rich flavors and punchy acidity. It is fresh and uniquely sweet, and even wine beginners can drink it easily.

With the neat and cool design, the bottle will do a great job at a Valentine’s Day party for lovers or friends.







Grand Coteau Rosé Wine (ABV 12%)





Grand Coteau Rosé Wine offers you natural flavors and soft bubbles. Strong berry flavors, subtle acidity, and slight bitter-saltiness will please your palate.







Han’s Orchard Apple Wine (ABV 11%)




Han’s Orchard Apple Wine is sweet and crisp—apples did their work well. The sweet flavor makes it a fine pair for light snacks, fruits, or dark chocolate




We hope you enjoy the five sweet and lovely traditional Korean sool for your sweet, special day. 



*Drinking too much alcohol can cause stroke, memory loss, or dementia. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can increase the risk of birth defects.



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