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Fruits in Season Fresh & Citrusy Korean Sool
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  • 작성일 2022-04-26
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People like citrusy fruits for their fresh and sweet taste. Did you know that many traditional Korean sool brands use different citrusy fruits?

We will introduce you to five of them, made from sweet and sour fruits in season, including hallabong, gamgyul, and yuja









Gyuloman (ABV 10%)



On the outside, Gyuloman shows the vibrant color of orange juice.

It offers a clean and characteristically fresh taste of gamgyul tangerine and pairs well with greasy food.









Shinae Yuja (ABV 5%)



Shinae Yuja first tastes like crisp yuja, followed by a hint of rosemary adding freshness.

Honey, ginger juice, rosemary flavor, and sun-dried salt will work in this dry cider to offer an exquisitely balanced finish.









Hondiju Jeju Citrus Wine (ABV 12%)



Hondiju includes a Jeju vernacular ‘hondi,’ meaning ‘together.’ 

The sool has fragrant tangerines, grown with care together with the clean Jeju wind.









Yujaga 09 (ABV 9%)



Yujaga 09 is charming makgeolli made from fragrant yuja. It smells beautiful, as if you have just peeled a fresh yuja.

The natural sweetness from the honey will stimulate your appetite. Overall, the smell of yuja and the clean taste of makgeolli is well balanced in this sool.









Winter Delight Mandarin (ABV 8%)



Winter Delight Mandarin is bright yellow makgeolli. Pour it into your glass to meet the pleasant explosion of aromas from tangerine peels, white peaches, and grapefruits.


This takju will offer you the flavors of sweet and sour tangerines and creamy vanilla custard.


*Drinking too much alcohol can cause stroke, memory loss, or dementia. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can increase the risk of birth defects.

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