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Traditional Liquors from Chungju, the City of Water
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  • 작성일 2022-12-14
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Traditional liquors from Chungju are brewed using the region’s clear water. Let’s see what the city has to offer.





Cheongmyeongju (ABV 17%)

Cheongmyeongju has high alcohol content as well as outstanding aroma and flavor due to its long fermentation and aging period.





Tokki Soju (ABV 23%)

Tokki Soju became famous as a traditional Korean spirit made by an American. Its soft sweetness comes from the use of sticky rice.





Juhyang Dameul 41 (ABV 41%)

The soju has been aged for three years in a special jar made for distilled spirits, producing a stronger rice aroma and making it more drinkable.





Lesdom Apple Wine (ABV 9%)

A traditional French brewing method makes a cider with Korean ingredients. This is a natural apple sparkling wine, fresh and sweet from the first and the last sip.





 Oiseau Bleu (ABV 6.7%) 

Fragrant blueberries and sweet apples meet with bubbles, creating a whole new experience for you.






*Drinking too much alcohol can cause stroke, memory loss, or dementia. Dringking alcohol during pregnancy can increase the risk of birth defects.