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New Sool in Town: Must-have Items for Year-end Parties
  • 작성자 관리자
  • 작성일 2022-12-23
  • 조회수 187

Here’s our curation of new traditional Korean liquors in town to make your parties more special as you bring the old year out.





 Boulangerie Beurre Butter Makgeolli (ABV 8%) 

What’s buttery is the texture rather than the taste. It has sweetness from rice, almost no bubbles, and smoothness like butter.






Makult (ABV 8%)

Yakult is Korean children’s favorite drink. And for a grown-up version, Yakult meets makgeolli, giving birth to an easily drinkable, sweet and tart drink.





Lazy Dancing Circle (ABV 12%)

They call it craft makgeolli because it feels like drinking wine made from rice. The sweet and refreshing taste will naturally make you dance.





Bit 24 (ABV 24%)

Bit (Korean word for light) 24 is a crystal clear distilled soju. It may taste burning like vodka but goes down the throat smoothly.





Acasia (ABV 7%)

Only honey, water, and yeast are used for this mead’s fermentation. Its fresh and crisp quality comes from the acacia honey.





*Drinking too much alcohol can cause stroke, memory loss, or dementia. Dringking alcohol during pregnancy can increase the risk of birth defects.