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Traditional Korean Liquors Made from Persimmons
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  • 작성일 2022-12-09
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From wine to vodka, we present diverse Korean sool choices, all made from persimmons!





Sweet Persimmon (ABV 7%)

Experience a light-bodied, subtly aromatic wine with a sweet persimmon flavor.





Gamgrin Regular (ABV 12%)

Persimmon’s sweetness, tannins, and tartness are well balanced, producing different charms from those of grape wine.





Persimmon Wine Hongsi (ABV 10.5%)

This wine is very aromatic, made by fermenting hongsi (soft, ripe persimmon) at a low temperature for a long time. The taste offers sophisticated sweetness.





Tiger’s Tear (ABV 21%)

Tiger’s Tear is a persimmon brandy offering you the delicate aromas of oak and vanilla.





Persimmon Vodka (ABV 32%)

While it is characteristically clean as vodka should be, there is a subtle scent of persimmons in this bottle.





*Drinking too much alcohol can cause stroke, memory loss, or dementia. Dringking alcohol during pregnancy can increase the risk of birth defects.